How to Clean Your Home’s Siding

Kristin - August 14, 2018 - home siding laurel md /

Want to keep the siding on your home looking its best and prolong the life expectancy? Many homeowners have siding on their home and share these goals. Luckily, it is fairly simple to keep the home siding laurel md looking great longer. Simply clean your siding. Whether using aluminum or vinyl siding, it is easy to clean it without any prior experience needed.

Regular siding cleaning is important to keep it free from dirt, grass stains, and other debris. Only twice per year is needed for great results. Many people opt to pressure wash their home’s siding and this may be something that you choose as well. Using the pressure washer provides a more thorough clean that certainly alleviates much of the hassle of cleaning siding. If your home has aluminum siding, use a zinc oxide primer for best results.

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A laundry detergent and water solution is used by most homeowners who are cleaning their homes siding. There are specific cleaners sold at home improvement stores that you may prefer to use instead of a laundry detergent solution. Many people prefer to use these cleaners.  The cost to buy one of these cleaners varies, but is usually affordable to most any budget.

Once you’re prepared with the solution to power wash, simply turn on the machine and hold the nozzle in the direction that you want to clean. A couple of seconds on each area of the siding will remove those stains that you thought were stuck on forever. It is easy to clean the siding, but make sure there is a ladder there to get the upper portion of the house. It takes only a few hours to complete this job and prolong the life of the siding and improve the look of your home.